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Powerhouse Autos offers complete VCM Performance and Walkinshaw Performance pakages to suit your LS equipped vehicles. Check out some of the latest offerings below. For a full rundown head to their websites.
VCM Suite Performance Tuning LS1,LS2,LS3,L76,L98 Using the most powerful tuning platform on the market allows us to unleash the maximum potential of your vehicles performance. Proven results of every job done show Increased Torque, Smoothness of Driveability, Increase in Fuel Economy and Measurable Gains in Horsepower. For information call or email us today!
Walkinshaw Performance Power Pack Upgrade This overall combination is the most popular upgrade customers choose and is a realistically priced enhancement to your vehicle that provides more power, more torque, improved throttle response and sounds just right. The Power Pack Upgrade consists of: • Walkinshaw Performance Cold Air Intake • Engine Controller Upgrade (ECU) • Walkinshaw Performance Cat Back Exhaust System By choosing a Power Pack Upgrade owners can expect to achieve up to 10% more power and up to 25% more torque, gains that compliment the vehicle without compromising its ability to operate as a daily driver. Walkinshaw Performance now offers “Peace of Mind” with the Power Pack Upgrade when it is fitted to a vehicle still under manufacturers warranty with our unique optional Driveline Warranty.
Walkinshaw Performance WP230 Supercharger Package The all new, much anticipated WP230 Supercharger from Walkinshaw Performance has arrived. This 2.3L system dramatically improves horsepower and torque with its unique 12” long intake runners and front drive/ front inlet system which reduces parasitic loss and eliminates the need for costly and inefficient secondary belt drives. The unique WP designed intercooler housing and coil covers fully integrate with the OE style fitment for all VE Commodores. Package includes: • Large high flow injectors • Eaton Twin Vortices 2300 Series Gen VI rotors • Water to air intercooler package • Custom moulded heater hoses • Cast aluminium coil covers • Full dyno tune from an authorised Walkinshaw Performance Centre • Unique injection moulded cold air intake package • Heavy duty serpentine belt drive system utilizing ‘Gatorback’ belt • 12” long intake runners • Custom moulded intercooler hoses • Self contained oil system • Full drive line warranty for the balance of the manufacturers new vehicle warranty for eligible vehicles.